Saving a furry friend’s life is only a tap away!

Feeling like giving back while treating yourself? Hop down to Edge to grab a delicious bite or refreshing drink and while you’re waiting tap away $2 to support our favourite rescue fur babies.
Geelong Animal Rescue has installed a fab new donation point at Edge Geelong, taking away all the donation tins on chains and replacing them with a $2 tap & go donation point. Making it more than easy to donate $2 on your morning coffee run, or after work knock-offs. Here at Edge we believe all animals deserve forever homes with loving families, we are so glad that now we have a fast, convenient option for us and our customers to support this awesome cause. 
Geelong Animal Rescue (GAR) is a non-for-profit organisation, established in 2012 based in Geelong that we have admired and supported for years. GAR is 100% non for profit, all members are unpaid volunteers and the animals are looked after in a network of volunteer and foster carer homes. At peak times, GAR can have up to 50 animals in its foster care network, with many animals being turned in by the public or rescued from death row at pounds within Victoria. They are run purely off donations and volunteering, which is why donating to Geelong Animal Rescue is so important.
We hope to see you around Edge in the coming weeks, to have a drink or meal and tap away at our new donation point to help re-home our fur friends to their forever friends and to continue saving more – treating yourself has never felt so guilt free. If you can’t wait until your next meal out visit their website to make a donation or find out more about this wonderful cause.