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New Years Eve In Geelong at Edge
Edge Translated Menus Geelong

Translated Menus at Edge – Japanese + Mandarin!

Attention to all our multi-lingual friends, ordering your delicious meal at Edge just got so much easier with our translated menus! We’re proud to share that our team are equipped with translated menus where EVERY SINGLE DISH from breakfast to dessert is translated just for you. In both Mandarin and Japanese, simply let our staff… Read more »

FREE Family Day at Edge Geelong This Boxing Day

FREE Family Day at Edge this Boxing Day

Skip the sales and bring the family to our FREE Family Day at Edge this Boxing Day! Ahhhh, Boxing Day. It is all about recovering from Christmas Day shenanigans with the family, in-laws and rather odd second cousins. Providing that much needed respite and relaxation before New Years Eve swings by, Boxing Day is the… Read more »