Emergency Services cards are Back at Edge

Calling all nurses, doctors, paramedics, police officers and firefighters! Our popular Emergency Services Card is BACK with 50% off drinks across all EMC Group Geelong venues – which includes Wah Bah, Edge Geelong, Dennys Kitchen and Lambys Tavern.

Sometimes called “First Responders”, Emergency Service Workers include firemen, paramedics, and others called to scenes of crisis or crime. Emergency Service Workers attempt to minimise risk after an event and aid those individuals at the scene.

In gratitude of your service simply present your Emergency Services or Health Care Industry Registration ID and we will provide you with a loyalty card which provides you with 50% off drinks across all our venues.

Simply head into Wah Wah Gee and Edge to sign up, show ID and receive your card on the spot.

For Terms & Conditions please head here